These are part of my ecoBottles, which are created from recycled glass bottles. The bottles are rescued from dumpsters and from friends that do their part to make sure I’m always well supplied.

These cheeseboards, spoon rests, and bowls are cleaned and melted in a kiln for approximately 18 hours. These upcycled pieces are an amazingly unique conversation piece at your next cocktail party. They make great housewarming presents, as well as wedding gifts. Just place a block of cheese on the board, or fill a bowl with olives, crackers, veggies, or candy, and you are ready to party. The boards come with a cheese knife, bowls come with a fork, and spoon rests with a wooden spoon. Each piece has rubber feet to prevent scratching surfaces, and a wire hook for hanging.

Cheeseboards – approx. 12” x 4.5”
Spoon rests and candy dishes – approx. 11” x 4”
Bowls – approx. 12” x 4”

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