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sketch pads and notebooks

Creativity is Flowing!

A few months ago, my husband got a terrific job in Santa Fe as an Executive Sous Chef. His new position allowed me to go ultra part-time at work (2 days a week), so that I could concentrate on my artwork. Its amazing how having the extra days in my studio has helped my creativity. All these ideas keep popping into my head.

The one thing that I like to do is to write or sketch my ideas. I always have a sketch pad by my side. Whenever an idea flows through my head, it makes it into my pad. I have a dozen sketch pads from the many years of creating art. A while ago, I went through all my sketch pads, and was amazed that 99% of the sketches and notes came to fruition. I highly recommend keeping notes, it really does work!

Stay tune! More Creative Musings on the way.

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    1. Absolutely! I keep one in the car at all time. I also make use of a wonderful sketch app in my iPhone and iPad. I find a lot of inspiration from nature. Actually, you can read about it in my next Creative Musing. Stay tuned!

  1. I love your art, and your idea af keeping a sketchbook by your side at all times! I just recently started doing that so, if I have a couple of hours in the studio, I don’t have to spend that time finding a design or idea, I already have it! Thanks

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